About The Book

While other children played with toys, watched TV and spent memorable time with friends and family, a little boy struggled to survive. This unforgettable memoir chronicles how one child’s spirit refused to die…even at the hands of relentless abuse.

As an infant Bryan Nash was abandoned by his mother and left on a farm in Cedartown, Georgia where he would spend the first few years of his life. At the age of 3, he was taken by relatives to live in California where, for the next several years, he suffered oppression, neglect, and severe mental & physical abuse at the hands of a family of strangers.

Told with the essence of a child’s mindset, this is a compelling story of pain in every way imaginable, heartache and sorrow; but also one of love and understanding. Most importantly, it’s a story of his triumph and survival, and the value of one’s strength of spirit.

This is a book for everyone.